I’ll See Your Physical and Raise You One Verbal (Assault)

Living in New York City for seven years, I had my fair share of experiences I’d quite like to forget: a Halloween street stabbing, homeless man relieving himself (1 & 2), and many more. Most often, as my dear mother taught me, I’d keep my mouth shut so as not to involve myself in a potentially dangerous situation…but sometimes, I wish I had spoken up.

Enter one such young woman who, just last week, stood up for herself, women, and most New Yorkers who’ve “seen it all” — even if they didn’t want to. On what I can imagine was just another daily subway ride, this woman felt as though her personal space was being unnecessarily invaded. Upon turning around, she came face to face with a disgusting pervert who had unzipped his pants and exposed his condom-clad genitals.

Sheer horror, repulsion, and shock would have consumed most, but instead, this modern day heroine really showed him what exposure was all about. This pitiful excuse for a man gets called out in a way that only seasoned NYC vets know how to do…”Oh you are getting f***ing arrested! I’m not leaving your side. My plans are DONE for the night!” Even her fellow passengers whipped out (no pun intended) their cell phone cameras and mocked the offender.

After a slew of MBTA flashings this summer and fall, let this be a wake up call to the degenerates out there who can’t get any real action and thus resort to whipping it out on the T. If you happen to do it around me, consider this your fair warning: Haley Rose has definitely found her voice!

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