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Razing Eyebrows or Girl Next Door? You Decide.

Razing Eyebrows or Girl Next Door? You Decide.

I first read of the impending fall trend in Globe Correspondent Kate Jackson’s “Brow Beaten” piece a few weeks ago. In case you haven’t heard, eyebrows are out, or should I say off, this fall. Haute couture is taking the lead in steering women down the runway to the next demeaning exercise in beauty. Haggard looking models, their countenance exaggerated by glabrous foreheads, are flaunting poker-faced stares from the pages of this fall’s advertising campaigns for Givenchy, Balenciaga, Prada, Valentino, Lanvin and Longchamp (among others) with less expression, if you can imagine, than Joan Rivers’ Botox-induced facial paralysis.

But then, last week, the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Chou wrote about the reemergence of the girl-next-door look, with magazines and Fashion Week runways sporting more attainably comely models. Storyline is that economic conditions have rendered the fashion industry desperate to create a plebian look to resonate with the common woman (although I’m not sure that hailing Ymre Stiekema for Prada is a true example of the average woman).

So which trend is legit—because “sans eyebrows” and “girl-next-door” don’t really go hand in hand. Taking the reason behind the trend a step further, makeup wonder artist Pat McGrath would have you believe, as evidenced by her quote to The New York Times, that the act of removing one’s eyebrows can be tied into the effects of the economy. “The economic troubles we are facing now open people up to be more daring and willing to don cutting-edge looks.” Pat’s quote directly opposes Kim’s story that fashion designers are using more standard-looking women—but not a single woman I know deliberately shaves her brows. I think it’s safe to say that the average woman understands that brows are meant to distinguish us from alien-looking life forms. And they would certainly never attempt to “make a statement on the economy” (as surmised by Kate Jackson) by ridding their moisture-wicking eye protectors. Hell, I’m an average woman and my idea of making a statement on this economy has absolutely nothing to do with my eyebrows. Let’s try: not buying $3,000 bags made out of soon-to-be endangered species’ hides by seven year-old children earning two cents a day in East BumF*ck Indonesia.

Anyway, if it’s true that foreheads sans brows is the new look of the girl-next-door, then I’m moving in next door to Brooke Shields. Otherwise, how would you be able to read my reaction to Hotchandani Laser & Vein Center’s recent billboard advertisement?

Posted by Elizabeth