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Razrs to Make a Comeback?

Razrs to Make a Comeback?

On Thursday, May 19th, Motorola released a teaser video on YouTube featuring students using the once super hip Razr cellphones in a school hallway circa 2007ish. What’s the big hype, and how do we know this wasn’t a #TBT post for the cellphone company?

Video source: YouTube

At the very end of the video, “TTYL” is texted out in that old school fashion of multi-tap we remember all too well from the flip phone days, and the date (which is also the title of the video), 06.09.16, appears. The questions are now abundant: what exactly is Motorola going to “talk to us later” about on June 9th, is it a new phone, what will Motorola’s new phone look like, and can I start getting excited about dramatically flipping my phone shut as a means of hanging up on someone again?  As for now, we can only wait on the edge of our seats for answers. So until then we all just need to ~~act cool~~ and maybe text, oh idk…my BFF Jill about it.

Posted by Charlotte.