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Real Housewife of Pinot Grigio

Real Housewife of Pinot Grigio

Bravo’s wildly successful Real Housewives franchise has churned out the best of the worst in middle-aged women who believe they’re still 25 and above others in the class department.  TV viewers have been graced with weave-pulling, drink-throwing, plastic surgery, profanity, bad singing, PDA, questionable parenting techniques, and more.  But, hey, this is America, after all: land of opportunities.

It makes perfect sense, then, that New York Housewife, Ramona Singer, would use her newfound stardom to create her very own line of Pinot Grigio.  For those of you who haven’t seen her antics, Ramona loves to go wild, dance up a storm, and drink white wine like it’s going out of style.  In fact, years ago, in some miracle of science, a wine glass actually fused itself to her hand, and the poor gal’s been stuck with it ever since.  Ok, not really.

Jokes aside, this is one seriously savvy sister.  Instead of waking up with grand delusions of becoming a recording artist, Ramona recognized and seized a legitimate opportunity to expand her brand.  Produced in Veneto, Italy and distributed by Opici Wines, the 2010 Pinot Grigio goes for about $15 a bottle and boasts a “fresh and fruity” flavor with “crisp acidity” and pleasant finish.  It’s also “best enjoyed young and chilled”.

Wait. Are we talking wine or Ramona?

Posted by Haley