Real-Life Dress-Up

Do you remember playing dress-up as a child?  I have such vivid memories of putting on my mom’s favorite dress and pair of heels and prancing around the house like I was 5 going on 25. Thinking of those days, when lipstick was a novelty and shoulder pads were a necessity, makes me smile.

The creation of the Glamour Project was based off of the idea that warm childhood memories of playing dress-up can brighten up one’s day. Photographer Kara Fox and make-up artist Evvy Shapero travel to homeless shelters in the Los Angeles area with make-up, fun & fancy costumes and a camera. The objective? To provide women who have lost their homes due to unforeseen circumstances with an afternoon of dress-up and modeling. Each woman in the shelter gets dolled up and photographed by the team, reminding them that they’re still beautiful inside and out.

If you visit the Glamour Project’s website you can check out some of the make-over photographs yourself — they’re really quite inspiring!

Posted by Alyssa

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