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Reason #2,430,183 Chrissy Teigen is #Goals marlo marketing reason#2,430,183 chrissy teigen is #goals

Reason #2,430,183 Chrissy Teigen is #Goals

Image Source: Good Housekeeping 

In my opinion, Chrissy Teigen can do no wrong. I own both of her cookbooks (even if I’ve only cooked maybe three dishes out of them). I love her Instagram stories. Her relationship with John Legend is #goals, especially the way they troll each other on social media. And her love of Bravo reality TV makes her so relatable that I sometimes think she’s actually one of my girlfriends. So of course, I think her new tattoos are adorable, even if I usually am against couple tattoos. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, I’m looking at you.

With matching family tattoos, consider my cynical cold black heart melted. Chrissy and John (yes, we’re on a first name basis already) just debuted new tattoos on the insides of their arms reading “John Luna Miles” for Chrissy and “Chrissy Luna Miles” for John. Chrissy also got a tiny heart on her index finger, which goes perfectly with the delicate script of the other tattoo.

While couple tattoos can be a nice gesture to represent the predicted permanence of the relationship, a lot of the time, the relationship doesn’t actually last, but the tattoo does – until it is laser-removed or camouflaged under more ink. However, with this family tattoo, the significance will always remain. No matter what, this is Chrissy and John’s family together. They are forever linked and inked.

So, consider me converted, thanks to Chrissy Teigen. I’m now a believer in matching tattoos, but only of the familial variety.

Posted by Sylvie