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Recipe for Success

Recipe for Success

Opening a restaurant is a labor of love. From the concept to the investors to the design, construction, menu, permitting, staffing, stocking, etc. countless hours go into the building of every new restaurant. So when VH1 recently premiered their newest reality show, which gathers a group of D-list celebrities that are better suited for Celebrity Rehab than Top Chef, and gives them 28 days to open a restaurant, you betcha it’s top notch entertainment.

Ironically titled Famous Food,  the show puts together a motley cast of characters including boring Bachelor Jake Pavelka, so-called New Jersey “hoo-ahh” (whore) Danielle Staub, actual New Jersey whore Ashley Dupre, Academy-award winning mediocre rap group Three 6 Mafia, Soprano’s mafia mate “Big Pussy”, and botoxed Barbie doll Heidi Montag.  The group is overseen by “celebrity” aka Los Angeles restaurateurs from the Dolce Group (Ketchup, Geisha House, Le Deux).

As the trailer for the season shows, the group actually deals with some pretty realistic speed bumps throughout the process including failing their fire-safety test, going over budget,  and creative differences among the various parties, but that’s where the reality ends. Because ultimately VH1 put this group together to do more than just open a restaurant, and boy do they deliver—chairs, tables, vases, fingers and curse words get thrown around like tennis balls (everyone here is a John McEnroe).

Famous Food combines a heavy dose of egos, some likely drug problems, awkward sexual tension and the stress of opening a restaurant under almost impossible circumstances for the benefit of the viewer. And as one such viewer who will be undoubtedly glued to my couch every episode, I wholeheartedly approve!

Posted by Ariel