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Red, Red Wine…

Red, Red Wine…

…is apparently, not just for drinking (or singing along to when drunk at a dive bar). Scientist Gary Cass and artist Donna Franklin have uncovered that red wine — when paired with a bacteria — can actually create a unique, new fabric for clothing. Yes, clothing. And no, you’re not drunk off Pinot Noir, this is real life.

It appears that the combination of red wine and bacteria transforms alcohol into a cellulose fabric by pouring and wrapping it against a mold or human body. Since it’s made with living microbes, the new fabric is called Micro‘be’, and you guessed it — it’s eco-friendly, organic and biodegradable.

Forget spending a pretty penny on a Herve Leger number, these fermented clothing creations are completely seamless and cling to your curves. Custom-made dresses will soon be poured on you (don’t worry it only feels wet and “sludge-like” as it dries) and smell like, well, old wine.

As with any new endeavor, there are still a few kinks to be worked out. The fabric is not flexible and once it’s on, it can’t be taken off without being destroyed. It also has a potent smell of alcohol which could be a problem for the workplace unless, of course, your co-workers are used to your liquid lunch habits.

Until Micro‘be’ can be taken off as easily as it goes on (and of course, stops reeking) , I think I’ll stick to drinking red wine instead of wearing it.

Posted by Alyssa

Image source Shine