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Red Velvet Éclairs with Whiskey Ganache

Red Velvet Éclairs with Whiskey Ganache

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Personally, I think the whole cronut craze was cool for about five minutes. I’m all for unique mash-ups, but isn’t it more fun when it happens as a happy accident, or it’s just a onetime thing that goes down as legendary? While everyone seems to be sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for Dominique Ansel to come out with something that will blow our minds, I kind of feel bad for the guy – that’s a lot of pressure! It must be exhausting to think you have to reinvent the wheel every few months.

However, I did thoroughly enjoy Grub Street’s “Pastry-Phenom-O-Matic” – a genius calibrated tool that can generate 1,728 potential sweet combinations to predict the next big craze. Try it out – it’s like a slot machine only instead of stupidly losing $100 in 3 seconds, you get sugary inspiration for the next pastry creation. Will it be a Banana Split Meringue? Pumpkin Pie Profiterole? Can’t wait to see what trend-fiends line up for next!

Posted by Amanda