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Rehabilitate Me

Rehabilitate Me

Image source Us magazine

After years of highly publicized ups and downs, Rihanna is reportedly checking in to “love rehab” in order to move on from her relationship with America’s sweetheart (kidding) Chris Brown. While I commend the move to action, love addiction rehab is something I wasn’t even aware existed! Hearing the news got me thinking about a few issues of my own I’d love to check into treatment for.

The Snooze Button

My only love sprung from my only hate! Though in the moment I definitely love the extra zzz’s, the stress that accompanies oversleeping is never worth it – so why can’t I help myself?

Amanda Bynes’ Twitter

I unfollow and refollow the account often enough to potentially be on this girl’s radar (Please don’t call me ugly, Mandy!). As concerning and confusing as these 140 characters can be, I can’t stop myself from checking in.

Candy Crush

It’s bad, you guys. This crazy addicting Facebook and iPhone game hooked me from the first day and has held my attention longer than any other app in recent history. I cannot stop crushing candy. And the worst part? I’m not even good at it.

Stalking French Bulldog puppies on Pinterest

Just kidding, this one is hopeless.

Best of luck to my girl Rih…and if there are any programs currently in existence for any of the issues outlined above, sign me up!

Posted by Maddie