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The “Millennial” trope has become a social media favorite, to a point that not a day goes by without my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook feed being graced with a Millennial-focused meme. Apparently, our generation is fascinating not only to ourselves but to everyone else, too. There are articles written on all facets of the subject, from lonely Millennials, to the housing affordability crisis. A Tweet from The Economist drew much attention to Millennials when it pondered, “Why aren’t Millennials buying diamonds?” (Best Twitter responses, found here.)

Millennials themselves have taken to social media to voice their opinions, but some just miss the mark. That was until I discovered @ButLikeMaybe on Instagram, the most relatable doodle account a Millennial can find on the platform.

























She shared our obsession for Gigi Hadid, our FOMO for the Cannes Film Festival, and our dating life woes. Her NYC Subway Instagram stories deserve to be documented in a book and her love for watermelon margaritas has me Google searching “where to get a watermelon marg in Boston.” Skip out on the meme accounts, and follow @ButLikeMaybe for your satirical Millennial humor needs.













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