Remember Limited Too?

If you’re a millennial like me or have a daughter who falls in this age category, you remember Limited Too. In the 90s and early 2000s, it was THE place to shop for the trendiest clothing as a pre-teen. As someone who was in private school during that time, if you didn’t wear Limited Too on “free dress” days, you couldn’t “sit with us.”

Well, in early August, Limited Too brought the experience back with mobile pop-ups in New York’s Herald Square, Union Square and Flatiron District just in time for back-to-school. All those millennials with daughters were able to get their fix of buying items ranging from clothes and accessories to school supplies and cellphone cases (side note – how old do kids get cell phones these days?!) all retailing for under $100.











Image Source WWD

Even though I couldn’t participate in these pop-ups (1. Not living in NYC; and 2. I won’t be having a daughter for awhile), as a publicist I appreciate the marketing team pulling on millennial parents’ heart strings because that’s the group who brought their kids to the pop-up and used the #LTD2BestInClass. It’s all about the nostalgia factor!

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