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Rest In Porsche

Rest In Porsche

As morbid as it may be, we all think about our own passing at one point or another. How would we like to go? What kind of service do we hope for? Is there an afterlife? Most recently, I’ve found myself contemplating cremation (though, fingers crossed, I have a few more years in me!). But for those of you who find the box most appealing, rest assured, you don’t have to settle on some boring, oak casket.

Paa Joe, a Ghanaian carpenter who has been making coffins for over 50 years, is internationally known for his creative, custom-carved creations—we’re talking  cars, airplanes, and fish.  Currently on display at London’s Jack Bell Gallery, Paa Joe’s work is a cultural reflection of traditional Ghanaian lifestyle.  Coffins are not simply something to bury the deceased in; rather, they reflect the life of the occupant both in his/her social status and/or job and personality.  Businessmen may go in a Mercedes or a fisherman in a piscatorial casket.

Which begs the question, what would be the perfect Paa Joe creation for you?

Posted by Haley