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Retrogrades Refresher

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Retrogrades Refresher

Image Source: pixabay

How often do you blame the snafus in your life on Mercury retrograde? This phenomenon occurs three times a year when Mercury appears to be traveling backwards for about three to four weeks – so if you believe in astrology, you may spend about 12 weeks a year blaming every bad thing on Mercury. Luckily, Mercury is moving forward again and we have a break from retrograde until July 7.

But other planets (and dwarf planets) go into retrograde as well, potentially affecting your vibes. Jupiter is currently in retrograde until August 11, and Pluto retrograde began yesterday and will occur until October 3. Here’s a quick primer on what these two retrogrades may mean.

Jupiter is named after the king of the gods and represents positive vibes, bringing good luck and opportunity. Jupiter retrograde is a period of intense spiritual and philosophical growth, and it also is a period of optimism. It’s a good time to reconnect with yourself and evaluate your personal values and spirituality.

Meanwhile, Pluto is named after the god of the underworld and rules the house of transformation in astrology. When Pluto is in retrograde, which happens once a year, it offers a look into ourselves – at our subconscious and psyche. This is a period of reflection about power and control in your life. Use this time to determine what is controlling you and what you feel like you need to control – and make changes accordingly.

Posted by Sylvie