Revisiting Who Needs to Get Their Sh*t Together

Over my year+ at marlo marketing I have written a number of posts covering the reasons why I don’t have my sh*t together (like that time the dry cleaner offered to iron the dress I was wearing) as well as the varying definitions of getting your sh*t together (I’m no expert but this little girl certainly is). As I sat down to write today’s post, after walking an hour in the snow (uphill both ways, mind you), to get to my office I realized it was time for another get your sh*t together war cry. Unlike previous occurrences, however, it is not me, my peers or even the homeless guy that told me my Bean boots and leggings made me the best dressed woman in Boston (sorry ladies, he’s spoken for ;), that need to get their sh*t together – this war cry is much larger. So here it goes….

Who needs to get their sh*t together now? The MBTA.

There, I said it and I know I’m not the only one thinking it.  Since our first encounter with Snowmageddon which has quickly devolved into straight Eskimo life day after cold day, the MBTA has gone off the rails (crappy pun intended).  Let me hash out the reasons why the MBTA is now the target of my “get your sh*t together” rant.

First there was the red line car that mysteriously filled with smoke

Image source

And if that wasn’t enough, to add insult to injury there was the MBTA’s “whole-hearted apology” that followed

Image source

But it didn’t end there….

Since the first snow fall in late January we have experienced hours long delays and just recently during another “routine snow fall” (a casual 19 inches) passengers got stuck on a red line train for two hours due to a power failure.  We’ve grown hardened to the headlines:

Image source

(The fact that public transit will work the way it’s supposed to shouldn’t be news.)

Knowing deep down that if the MBTA would just get their sh*t together, we would all have a much easier time doing the same. Since I think the odds of Janssen McCormick’s GoFundMe site raising the required $30-billion are slim to none, I’ve resolved to whine on social media and to anyone who will listen until the MBTA complies with my simple request that they get their sh*t together – I’m waiting. *

* No MBTA trains were harmed in the writing of this post…but if they don’t get their sh*t together soon I can’t promise that won’t change 🙂

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