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Revlon’s Newest Makeover

Revlon’s Newest Makeover

Image Source: Revlon

A company that has been at the forefront of women’s empowerment and progress, Revlon has made its next step in history by naming its first female CEO, Debra Perelman. With 2018 already setting the stage for empowering so many women, it is amazing to be able to celebrate yet another ambitious and dynamic woman running the show.

Since the launch of the company in the 1930’s, Revlon has made a conscious effort to move in unison with the times. Within the cosmetic industry, it is obvious to say that makeup and styles are constantly changing, however, so are the people that use the products! Revlon in particular has not only found safer ways to create their products, but utilized their stance within the beauty industry to inspire women in a male-dominated world.

For example, the 1970’s were a particularly promising time, in which feminism, gender equality, and sexual identity became the forefront of conversation among young voices. Thus, Revlon took this opportunity to mirror this progress by producing ads featuring women in work attire as well as creating perfumes that produced a sophisticated scent for women of all ages.

Fast forward to today and this trend is still extremely relevant. No longer are models simply skinny blonde-haired beauties, but woman of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. Just within the past five years, Revlon has hired new talent, such as Dutch model Imaan Hammam and plus-size icon Ashley Graham, as they launched their newest beauty campaign, #LiveBoldly.

Now, in May of 2018, we celebrate yet another milestone for Revlon as they name Perelman as president and chief executive officer of the company. As a board member since 2015 and daughter of board chairman, Ronald O. Perelman, it is safe to say she was made for this job.

Perelman told Refinery29, “Beauty has emerged as one of today’s most dynamic and fastest-growing industries and I look forward to working with Revlon’s world-class team to amplify our strategy and accelerate growth.”

Revlon lovers can only hope that with her vast leadership experience, interest in innovation, and deep understanding of our society today, that Perelman will create more milestones in years to come.

Posted by Jacqueline