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Rewind to 1950 with the Future Mrs. Wes Welker

Rewind to 1950 with the Future Mrs. Wes Welker

Image by Nancy Lane via
Boston Herald

You can chalk it up to a major case of jealousy (I have always wanted to be a professional athlete or rock star’s girlfriend), but I think Wes Welker’s soon-to-be-wife comes across as a vapid, materialistic, one-dimensional Stepford Wife in a recent Boston Herald article. In prepping for the Super Bowl, the future Mrs. Welker (I’m not bothering to learn her name) trots around Scoop on Newbury Street, on the hunt for red, white and blue clothing to wear in Indianapolis for the big game.

Yes, I get that it’s a fashion story, so clearly the focus is on the clothes. But exclusively wearing your fiancé’s team colors bypasses the role of supportive/loyal girlfriend and steamrolls right into I-live-and-breathe-only-for-you territory. What’s even scarier than her Super Bowl wardrobe plans is Mrs. W’s willingness to disclose the behaviors that keep her little 5’9’’ nugget happy at home — cooking his favorite foods, driving 27 miles every Wednesday to buy him frozen burritos, letting him run the remote and “keeping chit chat to a minimum.” My brain is actually exploding right now; this chick is a 2012 edition of the classic Stepford Wife!

The icing on the cake is her thoughts on little girls’ and little boys’ childhood dreams’. In a woefully inaccurate blanket statement, she says, “Every little girl’s dream is to get married and every little boy’s is to play in the Super Bowl and win.”

Listen up, little girls: If you dream big enough, work at Hooters and meet a football player, I guess dreams really do come true.

Posted by Amelia