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Reyka Sends a Holiday Greeting to Iceland’s 320,000 Residents

Reyka Sends a Holiday Greeting to Iceland’s 320,000 Residents

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Here at marlo marketing, we are big into relationship building. We bond with our journalist counterparts by catching up over dinner, and are always dropping them lines when they score a sweet promotion or write a great piece. We “marry the client” by forwarding the aforementioned stories, attending their parties and liking the sh*t out of all their social posts. We win our bosses’ hearts by updating Filemaker in real time. Yes, friends, our work is arduous, indeed.

Taxing though all this personal connection building may be, it pales in comparison to a recent Facebook Live campaign by Reyka Vodka. Just in time for this most festive of seasons, the team at Reyka decided to use their social channel to wish every single resident of Iceland a “Gleðileg jól” or “Happy Holidays” in alphabetical order!

How the heck did they pull this off, you ask? Well as it happens (and as AdFreak explained to me), the first names of native Icelanders need to come from the Icelandic Naming Committee’s list of 4,512 approved names, which exists to ensure that all names mesh with Icelandic tradition, culture and language. (For example, Jón Gnarr, the former mayor of Reykjavik, was approved to name his daughter Kamilla, but not Camilla, because there is no “C” in the Icelandic alphabet.) So all the team needed to do was pull the list of names and employ a gentleman named Frikki to do the job via two delightfully Wes Anderson-esque videos.

The videos are two hours total, and I only watched for a few minutes. That said, those two minutes were heartwarming AF. Even though there was no way “Erin” was going to pop up on a list of Icelandic names, I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of all the Bjorns and Jóns out there whose days would be brightened by being wished “Gleðileg jól” at minutes 2:48 and 18:03, respectively.

So dear readers, the next time you lack the inspiration to go the extra mile, or even the extra step, think of our Icelandic friends, pour yourself an icy Reyka, and get it done.

Check out Frikki in action here and here:

H/T AdFreak:


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