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Rich & Trashy: Jackie Collins Can’t Write a Better Scandal

Rich & Trashy: Jackie Collins Can’t Write a Better Scandal

Image source Getty Images via Mail Online

Recently, a few members from the upper-echelons of the polo & Park Avenue circuit got into a bit of a skirmish at a NYC nightclub. According to model Jessica Hart, nightclub owner Adam Hock sent Prince Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco to the hospital with a broken jaw while they were all out partying with Hart’s boyfriend Stavros Niarchos (best known as being Paris Hilton’s former boyfriend) at Double Seven in NYC. Apparently, the fight broke out after the Prince sent over a $500 bottle of Grey Goose to Hock, which was taken as an insult. (If only people chose to insult me this way. Le sigh.) Say what?! You can be a royal, a supermodel, a freakin’ Greek shipping heir and you will STILL act like you’re on an episode of MTV’s The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat when you’ve hit the sauce a bit too hard?! Quelle scandale!

This was worse than that time Park Ave Princess Tinsley Mortimer went all rebellious-teenager and got herself a reality show on the CW. Remember that, kids? Just goes to show that — in the immortal words of HRH Countess Luann of the Real Housewives of New York City — money can’t buy you class.

Posted by Amelia