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Rihanna’s Russian Roulette

Rihanna’s Russian Roulette

I was sorely disappointed that Rihanna stayed with Chris Brown for weeks after their domestic violence dispute this past winter. So I’m thrilled to see that she is finally addressing it, publicly. No one, man or woman, should ever be subjected to abuse within a relationship. But the bar is set much higher for Rihanna and the likes of all celebrities seeing as how much weight—not in pounds, but in influence—they carry.

Of the soon-to-be four studio albums she’s released since signing with Jay-Z’s Def Jam Records in 2005, Music of the Sun made it within the top ten of Billboard 200, A Girl Like Me made it within the top five and Good Girl Gone Bad made it within the top two. In her four year career, she’s sold over 12 million records, received the World Music Award for World’s Best Selling Pop Female Artist and Female Entertainer of the Year, the American Music Award for Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist and Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist and has had five Hot 100 number one singles. Rihanna is a house-hold name.

That kind of success and fame involuntarily makes you a role model to countless young and seasoned adults – it comes with the territory. So when you stay with a man who brutally beats you and publicly talk about how much you still love him, you’re sending a very strong and clear message to thousands of girls and women in the same predicament. Fortunately, this situation has born more redemption than other similar stories and, thankfully, Rihanna is now taking the right measures by speaking out against violence. Better late than never. But Ri, what kind of backtracking are you going to have to do when some chemically imbalanced and impressionable kid in the middle of nowhere South Dakota blows his brains out after ingesting your latest musical offering? Russian Roulette, Rihanna’s latest single climbing the charts, portrays a young, disturbed girl flirting with fate, leaving it eerily ambiguous as to whether the song is a metaphor for her actual life, a relationship or her career. Check it out.

When you’re a megastar addressing issues of life and death, be clear. For the sake of those youth who follow like sheep to a slaughter, be clear.

Posted by Elizabeth