The Rise of the Bezos Empire

Jeff Bezos is seriously on a mission to take over the world. This month, Amazon announced their $14 billion purchase of Whole Foods, and the country went wild. Continuously gaining more leverage within the confines of the retail goods market has always been Amazon’s “thing.” The growth of this company from an online bookseller to this beast (for lack of a better word) of a retailer has been beyond fascinating to watch. And now, it’s entered the $800 billion grocery industry with the purchase of one of the most upscale, popular grocery store chains in the entire nation. If this isn’t the most commanding way to assert dominance in the consumer market by an online commerce company, I don’t know what else it could be.

But wait…it’s Bezos. And it’s now a Bezos who is coming off the heels of putting the power of organic, overpriced groceries in his back pocket. So just one week later after the big grocery store win, he’s back again to remind the world that Amazon is still in touch with its retail roots with his latest rollout…

Folks, welcome to the new future of online clothes shopping: Prime Wardrobe. This new Amazon service (limited to Prime members) allows customers to order clothes without buying a single piece. Amazon only charges for the items consumers keep and makes shipping any unwanted items back an easy process by providing a preprinted shipping label and a resealable box.

Although Prime Wardrobe isn’t available yet, analysts already predict Amazon is soon to be the biggest apparel retailer in the United States. And I predict this isn’t going to be the last of the brilliant, exciting moves we’ll be seeing by Bezos and Amazon.











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