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Rock Climbing Until Midnight in Somerville

Rock Climbing Until Midnight in Somerville

Rock climbing… if I remember correctly, was the activity I loathed during seventh grade phys ed class. The whole harness-squeezing-my-quads-so-they-look-like-sausages (and totally messed up my umbro shorts), while my soccer stud middle school crush repelled down below, was a nightmare. Worse than realizing Jonathan Taylor Thomas would never be my boyfriend….

Fast forward to 2013 and rock climbing is on par with super hoppy IPAs, barre classes, and any type of edible gluten-free food. The timing couldn’t be better for Brooklyn Boulders Somerville (BKBS), a 40,000 square foot hybrid rock climbing and innovation facility that opened on July 31st. But here’s where they may have snagged a permanent seat at the proverbial farm-to-table dinner (which is clearly here to stay)… these guys have more than just bouldering going on. From pop-up art exhibits and live musicians to a yoga studio and co-working space, there is literally tons of space for creativity and community at BKBS.

The thing about the community in Somerville is that it’s like a club; the type of club you actually want to be in (think Junior League minus the Kate Spade plus mason jars and bike panniers). The prerequisite is to invent, build, create something totally badass that has utility for people and the planet (e.g. the gents at mm/c client cuppow who are in fact partners with BKBS). Needless to say, this rock climbing gym has been embraced by the “effortlessly cool” residents of Somerville. The Allston/Brighton crowd is also catching on; it’s likely the midnight closing time definitely helps. As for this Cambridge resident… if I could only find those damn umbro shorts, I might just be able to “belay on” in the near future.

Posted by Samantha

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