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Romantic Reality marlo marketing romantic reality

Romantic Reality

Image Source: The Atlantic 

We’ve all heard about the recent Netflix price hike, but is that going to stop us from watching our favorite shows for hours on end? Sometimes until 2am with wine and a pizza?


Whether you have your own subscription or you’re “borrowing” from a friend, I can promise you will become obsessed with the show Dating Around, a 30-minute, eight episode series that features a real-life single guy or gal embarking on five different (sometimes adorable, sometimes cringe-worthy) blind dates. The endgame? Choose one person who’s worthy of a second date.

Every episode is broken into three parts – drinks, dinner, and late night. Each featured single is always different – older, younger, female, male, gay, straight, employed, unemployed – it truly represents so many different backgrounds and is extremely compelling. It pretty much highlights that the awkward woes of dating are universal. Just ten minutes in, you will see yourself (shout out to Sarah in episode 5 who shares her true love for ‘Gansett).

See all the dating magic in the trailer below, and happy binge-watching!

Video Source: Youtube

Posted by Katie