Rosé All Day

No need to sarcastically ask if you smell like roses on a hot day that has you sweating bullets, because with this new product you actually will smell like [a form of] roses.

Rosé wine has been trending up for the past few years. The summertime beverage is a favorite among men and women and is making its way into everyday life, beyond just drinking a glass with dinner. National Rosé Day was even celebrated this summer by Fat Jewish with an all-out parade in New York City.

Now it’s time to refresh with Rosé Deodorant. Native Cosmetics released these paraben and aluminum-free deodorants just in time for the summer solstice. The limited-edition “brunch” set comes in three scents: rosé, mimosa and sangria. It just might be the perfect accessory for Monday morning where you’re having withdrawals for Sunday brunch.













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