Rosling’s Recessionary Rebuke…Believe it or not, we’re all movin’ on up!

Health and wealth…according to this guy we’re all headed in the right direction! A pleasant reprieve from the daily deluge of global doom and gloom reporting, ‘Stats Master’ and International Health Professor, Hans Rosling, has released a surprisingly (and questioningly) optimistic 4 minute video on BBC’s Joy of Stats tracking the development of 200 countries over 200 years, crunching 120,000 numbers in regards to income and life expectancy. According to Rosling’s review, we’re making great progress worldwide due to green economy, aid, trade and global peace, though more than a just few headlines of flood, famine, war and poverty would serve as strong counter arguments.

It’s the holidays…we all have at least 4 minutes to kill at work…give it a watch and see what you think of Rosling’s rendition – junk science or are we really all movin’ on up!?

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