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RSVP: Bullshit

RSVP: Bullshit

Alright, folks.  It’s crunch time.  Slaving away at work, trying to get the remainder of 2010 wrapped up.  Running circles around the mall, searching for the gift both perfectly sentimental and cool.  Squeezing in extra time at the gym to counter an upcoming onslaught of caloric insanity.  Just the thought of it all makes me want a dirty martini.

This year, the creative minds behind some of the coolest ads for Axe and Sprite, Bartle Bogle Hegarty, have answered your prayers: Holiday Alibis.  Forget scrambling to find a legit excuse for why you don’t want to waste a minute of your time schmoozing with your neighbor’s third wife.  Choose one of eight quick, ready-to-send emails straight to the source of the event in question…and get back to that martini.  My personal favorite?  Volunteering at a nursing home:

“Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to attend your holiday soiree. I’ve recently started volunteering at a nursing home and while the experience is rewarding, it does take up much of my free time. I’ve been spending most days with a centenarian named Pearl. I just taught her how to use Facebook. She had added a friend, but that friend died.  The other day Pearl found an old love letter from a soldier she’d known hidden inside one of her wrinkles. I loved hearing her tell me the incredible story of their love affair over and over again. Here’s to hoping your holiday is filled with that same warmth.”

Hey, what can I say? Pearl and I have become pretty tight.

Posted by Haley