Runway Nails

I used to paint my nails every week – it was my Sunday evening activity. After I’d finished my chores, I’d tuck into bed with a big glass of wine and pick my color du jour. Now, living with my boyfriend, I have less “me” time, and my weekly nail routine was the first thing that flew out the window. Because I hate nothing more than chipped nail polish, my go-to now is au naturale.

However, I miss those days of decorated nails – perhaps I just need some new inspiration. Well, this year’s New York Fashion Week gave me plenty of ideas. Here are some highlights:

Gypsy Sport – Black & White

Libertine – Fringe for Days

Chromat – Bungee Cord Chic

For more totally bada** nail art from this year’s New York Fashion Week, check out this article on

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