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Salvage Your Selvage: Denim Therapy

Salvage Your Selvage: Denim Therapy

Buy, wear, tear, toss seems to be my motto with jeans. I find a couple of pairs I love, wear then until the crotch splits open (which for some reason ALWAYS happens to mine), and then into the garbage they go. Frustrating—yes. Expensive—yes. But it is what it is…or it was what it was, until I recently stumbled across a new service called Denim Therapy. You send them your ratty tatty torn denim and they use their signature Match Perfect™ Thread Selection process to find the right color cotton stitching to reconstruct your jeans. This is their big differentiator—they do not patch, they actually restitch and reconstruct the holey area in question, returning to you a new and improved version of your favorite pair of jeans. Priding themselves on individualized service, quality and customer care, Denim Therapy also offers a 3-month guarantee on all repairs. Pricing varies, though generally speaking you’re looking at $7/inch (+shipping), and they email you a quote in advance for approval.

Now off to the new Levi’s store…once my crotch eats through the new 501s I’ll be giving this site a try.

Posted by Sam