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Sassy adj. – Merriam-Webster

Sassy adj. – Merriam-Webster

What would we do without dictionaries? Historically, this book was always a steadfast source of knowledge and objective facts. From flipping through the pages while studying for our 4th grade spelling tests to being an online resource available for any of our day-to-day definition inquiries, the dictionary is still such a relevant aspect of our lives.

And with that relevance comes the ability to master the task of staying current–one sassy Tweet at a time. The editors of Merriam-Webster jumped onto social media and have taken the Twitter-verse by storm. The dictionary’s page is chock-full of political quips and nuanced jokes, all revolving around the definition of words. And Peter Sokolowski, Merriam-Webster’s Editor-at-Large, said in a recent interview that the playful nature of the Tweets about the exact meanings of words was a deliberate tonal change.

For example, on the day of the “covfefe” debacle, the dictionary rolled its eyes at the stats of people looking up that mystery of a word.

And when it was National Donut Day, they Tweeted:





As a words-buff, I think this page is brilliant. The way the editors managed to take a dictionary which has been around since 1831 and make it into such an Internet presence with a very distinct voice is phenomenal. Creating Tweets about the English language with a dash of cheek is true art, and I can’t wait for the next Merriam-Webster Tweet to flash across my newsfeed!

Posted by Maya