My favorite kind of products are the ones that make you go, “Why didn’t I think of inventing that?” when you learn about them. Nine times out ten, they’re so simple and yet, you can’t imagine life before they existed.

With spring now officially sprung, SoleMates High Heeler is the perfect solution to the always annoying “high heels in grass” problem that women face at garden parties, outdoor weddings and well, any other occasion that may require us females to wear stilettos and walk on soft surfaces.

For $9.95, you can buy a pair of SoleMates, slip them on your precious heels and voila, never sink into the grass (or if you live in Boston, cobblestones) again! The little plastic device increases the width of your heel and prevents them from getting stuck. So simple yet so amazing, right?

My cobbler is going to love me!

Posted by Alyssa

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