Say Cheese!

I have a confession. It wasn’t until I got to college that I realized there were many more cheese types than the staples of my childhood: sliced American cheese in the plastic film, grated parmesan from the pizza shop, melty mozzarella on the pizza and cheddar in the form of Goldfish or Cheez-It crackers. I blame my cheese-averse mother for my lack of cheese education.

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Luckily, in the years since college, I’ve experimented with different cheeses and now can appreciate a good cheese plate (though I have to admit I am still anti-bleu cheese). My growing appreciation for cheese is especially fortunate in light of a recent study that found that eating cheese can actually have health benefits. We all know cheese is a good source of calcium, but the study found other potential perks of a cheesy diet: lowered cholesterol levels and heart protection. It’s worth noting that many participants in the study’s control group (aka the people who had the hard task of avoiding cheese for the six weeks of the study) dropped out, so the comparisons are not completely conclusive.

While a friend previously warned me that each dice-sized cube of cheese is 25 calories and a “proper” serving size is just four measly cubes, I say calories be damned. Don’t these gouda benefits of cheese outweigh the calories? I brie-lieve they must!

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