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Say Goodbye to 2 Weeks Vacation…

Say Goodbye to 2 Weeks Vacation…

365 days in a year. 10 days of vacation. As the Wicked Witch of the West once cried, “What a world, what a world!”

Anyone that’s a prisoner to good ‘ole corporate America can attest that sometimes 10 days of vacation can seem miniscule compared to the amount of days we spend at our desk. Such is life!

NPR recently reported that 1% of U.S businesses offer their employees unlimited vacation days. It seems almost unbelievable that such a policy would or could exist. How is it regulated? How do you maintain the same level of efficiency?

Baffling or not, it’s true! NPR interviewed the owner of a Seattle-based social media agency who recently instated this vacation policy for her employees. The owners felt that while work is important, so is living your life and they wanted each of their employees to feel comfortable enjoying their families, friends and of course, vacation time!

The argument of unlimited vacation time has two sides. Some believe that employees will become even more productive knowing that they have the privilege, while others feel that employees will abuse their newfound free time.

Whether, you are for or against the policy of unlimited vacation time, it’s definitely something that makes you think…  What would you do? Jet set to St. Tropez for 3 months or stay glued to your computer chair?

Posted by Alyssa