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Say Hello To Hello Flo

Say Hello To Hello Flo

Image source Hello Flo

We’ve all heard of Birchbox, the makeup delivery service that allows gals to revamp their cosmetic collections on the monthly. In the age of Amazon Prime ruling the world (and our bank accounts), we all love getting packages on our doorsteps. But what’s better than one package? How about a package a month? Yes please.

Other companies are hopping on the Birchbox bandwagon too. Boink Boutique, for example, delivers naughty toys to your door each month and the Sock of the Month Club keeps your feet looking fresh with a new pair every 30-ish days. Just when we thought these care packages couldn’t get any more creative, Hello Flo arrived, a discrete monthly delivery service of everything you need for that time of the month. And no, this is not a joke.

Complete with tampons, pads, pantiliners and plenty of candy, this may be the most useful Birchbox spinoff yet. Even better, the deliveries are timed with your cycle, sending you your lady time arsenal five days before you’re expecting your “friend.”

Hello Flo is a perfect mother-daughter gift or treat yo’ self impulse buy. I could also see this becoming an extremely popular gift from guys to their girls…so they no longer have to make drugstore runs, sheepishly hiding that bright pink or blue box under masculine staples like beef jerky, chewing tobacco and shaving gel.

Sure, we’re all mature enough to stock up at CVS on our own, but maybe, just maybe, this delivery service will make that time of the month feel a little more pleasant.

Posted by Sienna