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Say What?!?

Say What?!?

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As a self-proclaimed culture connoisseur, I like to think I do a pretty good job of staying on top of the latest ~trends~ (thanks, in large part, to the beautiful people over at BuzzFeed and The Skimm). But despite my best efforts to stay ahead of the game, I’m often left feeling left behind. WAY behind.

Case in point? This Refinery29 roundup of the latest and great viral words.

Sure, some of them I was familiar with. I definitely got the memo that “V” could stand in for “very” and “low key” was the new “down low,” but I had absolutely no clue that “high key” meant “hardcore” or “Damn Gina” was the new “Bye Felicia.”

So in the spirit of keeping everyone in the loop, I’m making like an R29 hype girl and sharing their v helpful and v entertaining of the new lingo:

Hope you high key love it as much as I do, fam.


Posted by Erin K.