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Say “You Smell” with a Deodorgram

Say “You Smell” with a Deodorgram

Image source G.B. Proudfoot’s

No one likes someone that smells…and {I think} no one likes to smell. So, what’s a way to kill two birds with one stone? Deodorgrams!

Yes, similar to the concept of one of my favorite “get well” gifts, Pajamagrams, you can now send your favorite smelly friend an all-natural deodorant with a cute & catchy (…but still mildly offensive) note.

Fashionista recently reported on this new gift idea, calling it a way to “Tell People Anonymously That They Stink.” Well, damn, I wish I had the address of the man sitting next to me on the MBTA this morning because he could really use some Lime & Clove goodness in his pits! For $9.99, caring friends can choose from three “thoughtful” messages including, “For Pits Sake! Throw out your current deodorant and give this one a try. You deserve a natural deodorant that works!” and send it off without the worry of the recipient knowing who it came from.

This seems like a great way to improve the world’s B.O. issues, but shit, now that I blogged about it, I guess this means if I send one to my colleague, they’ll know who it’s from…good thing we’ve got the perspiration thing covered here at mm/c.

Deodorgram away, friends!

Posted by Alyssa