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Sayonara Surfing Dreams, Hello Boring Commercial

Sayonara Surfing Dreams, Hello Boring Commercial

If you saw a picture of the 7th grade me, you would laugh. No, not because I wore glasses, had braces, and sported a large plastic back brace (thank you, competitive gymnastics), but because, on top of those three glamorous accessories, I thought I was a surfer girl. I wore sea-shell necklaces, bought and wore any surfing apparel I could find, and even had a foam surfboard that I would “ride” on the absolutely MASSIVE New Hampshire waves. That is where I will stop discussing that part of my life as even thinking about it makes me cringe. For a longer, more in-depth version of how embarrassing I looked and acted during that year, ask anyone in my immediate family, because they just L-O-V-E talking about it.

I credit this surfing obsession to the all-time classic Blue Crush. Judge me if you will, but that movie was awesome. It would be a bold-faced lie if I said I didn’t watch it almost every day for about six months. All I wanted with my 12-year old life was to be Kate Bosworth (Anne Marie Chadwick in the movie, if you didn’t already know that…) and be tan and surf and have an awesome body and meet an NFL quarterback and fall in love and get sponsored by a top surfing company. Needless to say, that didn’t happen (but hey, it still could, right…?).

Nowadays, as many of us know, Kate Bosworth is rail thin and way less cool than her former surfer girl self (yes, I know it was only a character). However, just recently it was brought to my attention that she is the face, and voice, of the new Cotton: Fabric of our Lives campaign  (how many of you are now singing that song in your head right now?).

I have watched this clip a few times and still cannot decide whether I think her voice sounds sweet and cute, or if I think it sounds annoying and weird. I mean, it’s certainly nothing ground-breaking; it sounds the way you would think Kate Bosworth’s singing voice would sound.  Kate, I’m over you…but Anne Marie Chadwick, you’ll live in my heart forever!

Posted by Brooke

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