School for the Really Really Ridiculously Rich

There’s nothing more annoying than entitled rich kids that flaunt their parents money. Oh wait – maybe there is.

In news that really shouldn’t be news because we should all just stop giving him attention… Jonathan Cheban (you know, Kim Kardashian’s BFF who claims he doesn’t leak any stories/photos of her to the tabloids) is opening an academy for rich kids named the International School of New York. If you’re wondering where he’ll find his students, there’s an entire Instagram account dedicated to his most likely soon-to-be student body.

Image Source Daily Mail

The curriculum?

9AM:            Learn Private Aviation
10AM:          How to Become a Social Media Star
11AM:          Determine the Quality of Diamonds
Lunch:          Includes a Caviar Taste-Test
1PM:            Economics
2PM:            How to Be Like Kim Kardashian
3PM:            How to Be Like Jonathan Cheban
4PM:            Model Like Derek Zoolander

Just kidding – but that’s most likely what a typical day will look like.

The reasoning behind Cheban’s new academy? He states, “If you are buying a diamond you need to know the clarity and if you are buying a private jet you need to know the different leather and seats.”

Best yet? (Not trying to get all political here) The campus is located in the Trump Towers.


I think Page Six said it best – “a school with no class.”


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