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Schwarzenegger Undercover

Schwarzenegger Undercover

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In a country where you cannot drive more than five miles without being bombarded by the golden arches, child obesity is at its worst.

It doesn’t help that fatties like Honey Boo Boo are growing in popularity. I have nothing against being “fat.” In fact, I have a spare tire around my waist to prove it. But I do have a problem with parents who feed their children crap and let them sit in front of the television for hours upon end. Now, I’ve never been a parent (and I hope to not be one for a long time…knock-on-wood), but when I am, my children will be healthy-eaters and they will exercise after school. I don’t care if my son wants to be a football player or a ballerina, as long as he is moving his bod.

There are no perfect parents out there, but as a country we need to encourage parents to raise healthy and active children. Michelle Obama has her “Let’s Move” foundation, but let’s be honest– how many little kids think Michelle is super cool? Maybe they do, I don’t know…but the point is kids need their idols to inspire them to lose the jiggle.

Omaze is on the same page. Their philosophy: “Spending time with the artists, athletes, and luminaries you admire most will not just be a ton of fun, but hopefully also an experience that lives with you for the rest of your life.” That is why their “Ride in a Tank with Arnold Schwarzenegger” contest that benefits After School All-Stars is pure genius. I mean, who is a better candidate to encourage children to be active than the hunky-yet great with kids (basing this off of my all-time fave, Kindergarten Cop) superstar?

To promote the contest Arnold transformed into “Howard” and went undercover at Gold’s Gym to do a little motivating. The result is priceless:

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