Sea Sparkle…NOT The Newest My Little Pony!

File this under – way cool! Beachgoers in Tasmania recently received a bioluminescence ‘light show’ at the Preservation Bay on the state’s north-west coast.











Source Facebook/Brett Chatwin

The bright neon blue/green glow is caused by billions of single-celled algae called Noctiluca scintillans, a.k.a. Sea Sparkle.

Sea sparkle often feeds on plankton, dinoflagellates, fish eggs, and bacteria found in coastlines or shallow waters because of the presence of sunlight which promotes the growth of the phytoplankton species. The natural phenomenon occurs when these tiny organisms are disturbed and emit light as a defense mechanism, according to experts. Although not toxic to swim in, the algae can cause skin irritations for some people. Not to mention fantastic imagery like this…











Source Instagram/Leanne Marshall

Adding this to my life bucket list NOW!

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