Out Of My Seat, Applauding This Ad

‘Twas just a typical ride home last week on the Orange line, when all of a sudden, a clever little piece of marketing stopped me in my tracks (shout out to the MBTA for some entertaining reading material on the daily commute).

Upon first glance, I definitely thought I was just reading a random (not to mention, displaced), personals ad… if those are still a thing? Then, I saw the ‘sectionals’ and ‘Bernie & Phyl’s’ in bold. Well played, B & P. Well played, indeed. How genius to have a furniture ad couched in the hypothetical prose and innuendo of a risqué newspaper solicitation.

Clearly, I was very impressed, as the below image will prove. Yes, I was one of those creeps awkwardly trying to take a discreet photo of something on public transportation.

I’m guilty of being a sucker for advertisements like this, the ones that are conceptualized and designed with shock value in mind. I love that this graphic isn’t overly flashy – no bright colors, no sexy models or glossy products featured. I found it to be impressively realistic and it accomplishes its objective of seeking and grabbing attention. That whole ‘sex sells’, naughty-vs-nice marketing dichotomy is definitely not a myth.

Bravo, Bernie & Phyl’s. A standing/SITTING ovation for this one.




















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