Self-Help Courtesy of Twitter

Looking for a little extra motivation to get you through the week? Leave it to Twitter to boost your spirits and provide some self-help, courtesy of your favorite brands, celebrities and random, sometimes insightful, strangers.

Though not all trending hashtags are particularly fascinating or profound, every once in a while I find a welcome surprise, thanks to Twitter, that leaves me feeling grateful for social media (no, that isn’t a feeling I experience every day).

Recently, the hashtag #BetterYourselfIn3Words started trending and a number of brands and influencers chimed in on the topic to provide advice, uplifting guidance, and a smile here and there.


Whether you find the contributions to be particularly revolutionary, they might serve as a reminder that even just three words can change your perspective, turn your day around and inspire change in your life. And at the very least, hopefully they make you smile! Just one way social media provides an outlet to spread some positive messaging throughout the world. “Food for Thought” #BetterYourselfin3Words

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