Your Selfie Gets Cultured

Until now, the art of the selfie has been considered vain and was classified as low-culture, like a Justin Bieber song, as opposed to high-culture, like a Beethoven composition. But, Google’s Arts and Culture app just gave your selfie a cultural upgrade. Take a selfie within the app and they’ll match you up to a painting from museums around the world.

So, your selfie just got classy! The app itself is two-years old, but thanks to screenshots shared on social by celebs and influencers, it has recently gone viral and racked up tons of downloads. You may resemble royalty, the Mona Lisa, or you may resemble a creature from Van Gogh’s depression dreams. Only way to find out? Download the app! Google does it again. 😉















Image via @driverminnie on Instagram

 Posted by Giana 

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