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Sensitive Sally

Sensitive Sally

Fashion. It is an ever-evolving and controversial medium of self-expression. We live in a free country, so if you want to wear a floor-length rabbit fur coat, by all means. Just be aware that someone from PETA might throw a bucket of paint on you, a la Samantha Jones in the Sex and the City movie.

Lately, everyone has been up in arms  about Adidas’ new concept, the JS Roundhouse Mid shackle sneaker by Jeremy Scott. If you’ve ever seen any of Jeremy Scott’s designs, you’d understand that his quirky execution of style always combines pop culture with couture. However, the brand had to cancel its production plans of the sneaker after critics (and Joe schmo consumers) identified the kicks as “symbols of slavery.”

Hmmm. I’m no expert, but isn’t the fact that people interpret the shoes as “oppressive” and “racist” also inherently racist…? I mean, it assumes that only African-Americans will be wearing the shoes, which in turn, would make the fashion statement a faux pas (apparently). For some reason, similar renditions of women’s heels with ankle cuffs, chains, and lock & key motifs are not criticized or considered controversial (although, to be fair, I found these on some questionable S&M-type websites…).

Either way, people are being far too sensitive. There’s no reason to perceive the shoes as symbols of slavery. If anything, they remind me of being in jail, and stripes and tangerine are two of summer’s hottest trends! Not to mention, it’s not like the sneakers are named “slave sneakers,” unlike a certain pair of hoop earrings that appeared in VOGUE Italia last year.

There are lots of things that offend me, fashion statements and otherwise, but I don’t go around telling people what they can and cannot wear (probably because I’m not important enough). Don’t be such a sensitive Sally; if you don’t like them, you don’t have to wear them.

Posted by Hannah

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