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From Sesame Street To…Times Square?

From Sesame Street To…Times Square?

Image Credit: nyctalking

News today is rife with stories about proposed travel bans, Supreme Court nominee confirmation hearings, and countless Twitter rants. While pundits fill the airwaves with talk about the millions who will lose their healthcare coverage, or those who will no longer be able to fly with their laptops, the affected still generally remain faceless.  But last week, a video emerged of a sad tale about a beloved figure affected by the current political scene.

In the video, Elmo of Sesame Street is told he is fired from his television show after 32 years of dedicated work. As he sadly voices his confusion, an unseen man tells Elmo it’s because of the federal government’s budget cuts to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (aka PBS). When Elmo asks what he should do now with his life, he’s given the suggestion to take tourist pictures in Times Square.

Check out the two minute-long appeal to all your emotions, nostalgia, and childhood memories – you won’t want to live in world where Sesame Street is Elmo-less after seeing this! We know we don’t, so join us in calling your representatives today and let them know you want to save PBS!

Posted by Maya