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Seth Rogen’s Laaate Niiight Love

Seth Rogen’s Laaate Niiight Love

On his eponymous late-night talk show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, James is rather fond of challenging his celebrity guests to an always-entertaining Lip Sync Battle. This karaoke throwdown is a very popular and highly anticipated segment of the show – oh hey, 58 million+ YouTube views. Casual.

During an episode last week, the host invited funnyman Seth Rogen to square off in the gauntlet of lyrical stanzas, and needless to say, it was HILARIOUS. The instant that Seth stepped up to the mic to introduce his second performance of the evening, it became clear that this would be a solo for the ages. Someone off-camera tossed Mr. Rogen a somewhat iconic piece of clothing (does a grey mock-neck turtleneck sweater sound familiar?), the actor spoke about wanting to pay homage to his fellow Canadian “from the great city of Toronto, or The 6, as he calls it.” The sold-out studio audience lost their collective you-know-what upon realizing that the comedian was about to do his best ‘Drake/Drizzy/Champagne Papi/Jimmy Brooks for you Degrassi fans‘ impression. And no surprise here, the song he chose was ‘Hotline Bling’ Because, duh.

Bedecked in the cozy top, Rogen flawlessly mouthed the words and even mimicked the-artist-formerly-known-as-Aubrey’s notoriously mundane and “wait, what?” dance moves from the HLB music video. Basically, he totally crushed it. See below for endless amusement and the urge to press ‘replay’:

Video source YouTube

‘Hotline Bling’, both the song and the now-viral phrase, has become a bonafide cultural epidemic. After its release, the video (namely, Drake’s easy-to-mock choreography) became the subject of endless memes and GIFs. Said memes and GIFs were then parodied in a multitude of spoofs. So meta. Saturday Night Live couldn’t help but poke fun at how Drake dances like a dad, Physics teacher and tax advisor.

Everything about Drake’s break-the-internet jam is already pretty epic on its own, but leave it to Seth Rogen to make a pop culture phenomenon even better… that’s what he’s used to, he’s used to….late night when we neeeeed his loooove. K, I’m done. If you need to reach me, you may call me on my cellllll phone. Sorry, finito for real this time…


Posted by Ilana.