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Summed Up in Seven Characters or Less

Summed Up in Seven Characters or Less

I love vanity license plates. Nothing delves into the inner workings of someone’s ego like a personalized plate. While it may seem like a bad case of TMI to some, I relish the fact that some people think that they can be summed up by a combination of six letters and/or numbers (seven in daring states like New York and California). And, not only can they be summed up that succinctly, they actually want to broadcast that overly-simplified version of themselves to the world. It’s downright fascinating.

Case in point: The gentleman driving the Audi A8 on Route 53 in Hingham with the license plate TAX 007. Man, is this guy one bad-ass accountant or what?! [True story; I could not make this up.]

More revealing could be the germaphobe/hypochondriac from Wisconsin (pictured above) whose plate seems very apropos as winter, aka flu season, will be here quicker than it’ll probably take to get ourselves some vaccine.

Think you’ve seen a better personalized plate? Drop a line below with your most memorable vanity plate sightings. Or tweet at @VanityPlates for your sighting to go viral.

Posted by Amelia