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Sex Doesn’t Always Sell

Sex Doesn’t Always Sell

I know it’s Oreo’s 100th anniversary this year and all, but celebrating a century of being “Milk’s favorite cookie” shouldn’t call for a more er…provocative…branding initiative.

Some perverted ad agency in South Korea has given a whole new meaning to the brand’s slogan by using a breast feeding baby holding the iconic biscuit with its tagline, “Milk’s favorite cookie.” The whole point of hunkering down and eating a stack of Oreos with a glass of ice cold milk is to relive the whimsical ease of childhood, but this ad takes that idea a bit too literally.

Obviously an ad like this would never fly in America because 1. Breast feeding is weird and 2. We think public celebration of our bodies is slutty. Yet, the fact that the US would never allow an advertisement of this “sexualized” nature has mommy bloggers, parenting websites, and women’s advocates completely up in arms, claiming that this campaign is pure “awesomesauce” and people shouldn’t be so offended by human nature.

Look, I’m not offended by the ad, I’m offended because I’ll never be able to twist, lick, or dunk an Oreo again. Way to go, Nabisco Natitsco.

Posted by Hannah

Image source Nabisco/Cheil Worldwide via Peaceful Parenting