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I’ll admit it. Until recently, I didn’t know much about sex slavery. Somehow, despite regularly watching the news and reading books & magazines, I was relatively unaware of the torture and brutality that young girls face every day. However, now that I know what’s really going on in our world, I want to do something to stop it.

It all began when I watched the movie, “Taken.” You know it… it’s the movie where bad-ass Liam Neeson goes on a man hunt in Paris for his daughter who was kidnapped into an Albanian sex ring. Bad acting or improbable plot aside, the movie made me think about the number of young girls who really do get ‘taken’ into sex slavery and don’t have Liam Neeson as their former-C.I.A.-agent dad. Every day countless children are sold (some even by their parents) or kidnapped into sex slavery. Taken away is their childhood, their innocence and their chance at enjoying a healthy, prosperous life. Sure, some try to escape the horrendous expectations of sleeping with numerous men a day and living in impoverished conditions, but their attempts are squashed and punished with unthinkable abuse. It’s an incredible underground network where, in many countries, the police just turn their head and ignore the fact that these women are used, abused and paid pennies for their ‘services’ while the leaders (aka ‘pimps’) make bank.

The November issue of Marie Claire features the very moving yet incredibly graphic story entitled, “Diary of an Escaped Sex Slave.” It profiles the life story of a former Cambodian sex slave who was lucky enough to escape at age 10 and now dedicates her life to educating and assisting both former and present sex slaves. Even for readers familiar with the topic of sex slavery, this piece will, no doubt, be an eye-opener. I commend Marie Claire for featuring such a poignant, true-life story on an issue that truly needs as much support and awareness as it can get.

So I’ve taken off my rose-colored glasses and researched a few ways to get involved. If you’re already passionate about aiding sex slavery victims or want to learn more about this topic, I encourage you to check out the websites below. It’s never too late to take action.

Posted by Alyssa