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Sexy Maid To Order

Sexy Maid To Order

Picture this: you come home from work to find a scantily-clad housekeeper dusting your floors and Windex-ing your glass table. Normal? No, not unless you’re on the set of a porno…or, according to recent reports, living in Texas.

The media has been abuzz about the newly opened West Texas business that’s aptly named Fantasy Maid Service. Just as you would imagine (or fantasize, if that’s your thing), this company offers maids that will come to your house and clean it top to bottom in the nude. Yes, we’re talking full-on birthday suit dish-washing and topless Swift-ing.

Shell out $100 to have Angel, Maryjane or Star clean your house and give whoever is home quite the show (your golden retriever won’t know what hit him!). Better yet — they’ll work at parties serving drinks, passing food and cleaning up — no clothes required. Now contrary to popular belief, Fantasy Maids are only maids…naked maids. The site posts “strict” guidelines that housework will be the only thing these girls will be doing (no pun-intended) at your home. Convinced? I’m not.

Does it make me old fashioned that I miss the days of maids like Alice Nelson?!

Posted by Alyssa

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