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Shailene Woodley Says We Should Eat Clay. Wait, What?

Shailene Woodley Says We Should Eat Clay. Wait, What?

There’s nothing new about it – society’s constant obsession with the bodies, styles, faces, and overall lifestyles of celebrities. We buy what they wear (or in my case, the marked-down mockups), attempt to recreate what they eat (read: what their nutritionists prepare for them) and follow them on every possible social media platform in an attempt to glean a bit more about their “normal” everyday lives. In short, we’re obsessed and I fully admit to being one among the masses.

If I could be Anna Kendrick, Emma Watson or Charlize Theron, I would be. Let’s be honest, you probably would be too. My biggest obsession: fitness and health techniques of the rich and famous. I’ve busted my booty to try and get abs like Kelly Rowland and I’m always trying out the step-by-step moves modeled by celebrity trainers in the pages of fitness magazines. Yet, somehow, I never seem to look exactly as flawless as they do while doing it. Perhaps you need matching Lululemon workout attire and already sculpted abs to achieve the perfect workout. But, I digress…

While celebrity fitness and beauty tips are nothing new, neither are the over-the-top and often strange beauty regimes that many top-notch celebs swear by. Demi Moore reportedly receives leech therapy detoxes to “detox her blood” (what does that even mean?!) while Victoria Beckham swears by a good bird poop facial. Perhaps we’ve discovered the reason behind her famous pout – I’d be scowling too if I just smeared bird shit all over my face.

The newest celeb to jump aboard the crazy train is Shailene Woodley, a definite up-and-comer on the acting scene who has unabashedly shared many of her natural, and sometimes eccentric, lifestyle regimes. While I fully admit to being a Shailene fan (if you haven’t seen The Descendants or The Spectacular Now, get moving) she recently revealed to David Letterman one of her daily habits: she eats clay. You can watch the full interview here to see her defend the practice – and no, she’s not eating Playdough quality clay, she buys it off of the Internet (so it’s legit) – and describe how she makes her own clay toothpaste to get her daily dosage. Interesting. As much as I love a good beauty tip I’m not sure I’ll be trying this one. I may just put a few cucumber slices on my eyes and call it a day, perhaps while soaking in a wine and beer bath; that’s definitely more my style. But, to the celebrities out there, all I can say is – you do you. Snooki, if you think rubbing kitty litter on your face helps you exfoliate then, you go girlfriend.

Posted by Amy